Political Career

Tareq is the youngest leader to become Joint Secretary-General of BNP. He was elevated to this position in June 2002, in response to rising demand from ranks and files of the Party, in recognition of his contribution in last general election, which brought a landslide victory. Tarique identified the challenges for BNP and planned its strategies and tactics to cope with the situation. In 1998, he established a research cell for the party and drew in the expertise of academics, professionals and business entrepreneurs along with the experiences, of politicians to plan for the future of the party.

Tareq worked to establish a competitive edge in the textiles industry and in the river transport sector. However, his passion has remained in politics, being inspired by the ideals of his father as well as his mother. It is widely claimed that his father Ziaur Rahman, who declared Independence in March 1971 with directions from Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, following the genocide, inspired the people for the liberation war. On 7 November 1975 Ziaur Rahman once again captured the imagination of the people, when he was freed from captivity through a mass upsurge defeating the traitors and agents of foreign power. Ziaur Rahman re-introduced popular democracy, multi-party system, free press and open market policy. He was extremely popular and was elected President of the country in 1978. Tareq Rahman was a teenager when his father was assassinated in 1981.

Rahman favors of promoting investments for industrialization and development of the service and IT sectors of Bangladesh. He believes in the expansion of the country’s private sector.

Tareq accompanied his mother BNP Chairperson Begum Khaleda Zia, during the election campaign in 1991. She was the first woman to be elected Prime Minister of Bangladesh and has been elected to this post thrice. Tarek worked closely for the Party during the general election campaign in 1996. Since then he has been involved intensively in his home district, Bogra, to institutionalize a democratic culture in the Party. His efforts, commonly known as the `Bogra Model’, which has become very popular among the root level party workers, have resulted in a system of electing Party leadership from the grassroots. As the Joint Secretary General-1 he is now encouraging implementation of this Model through out the country.

After the win of the BNP-led four party alliance in the elections of 2001, Tarique started to strengthen his position in the BNP. After he took office as the Joint General Secretary, he launched a program under which he attended hundreds of meetings between himself and party activists of sub-district level. Many leaders of the party accompanied him in these meetings. During his attendance in the Tungipara sub-district, he visited the tomb of father of the nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and paid respects on behalf of the party as a party leader. Though the Awami League has consistenly criticized Tarique's father and the founder of BNP Ziaur Rahman, Tarqiue's visit urged a change in the BNP's view to Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. That series of meetings with grass root activists promoted Rahman's image as a party organizer than just the son of the party founder or the party chair.

After the news of Tareq's falling upon the toilet floor (during his detention in BSMMU) broke out on 28 August 2008, a chain of events was triggered in Dhaka and all over the country. The Dhaka protest was initiated students from Dhaka University and Dhaka College. Other larger protests took place in Rajshahi University, Chittagong University, Mymensingh Medical College and in some other districts. Later the protest and upsurge was controlled after Tarique's physicians assured injury due to the accident was not serious. But the overall protest was a big shake across the country amid the state of emergency and Tarique's image and popularity was clarified.

Tareq Rahman married to Dr. Zubaida Rahman, a physician working as in the government. His daughter Zaima is thirteen years old.

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